01 May 2017

"Experience beyond tiles", this slogan has definitely live up to our expectation for the past 7 years. As one of the leader in the tile industry, RICE has brought in many variations of architecture tile elements to our modern city. Slim tiles, antibacterial tiles, big tiles, Eco-friendly tiles, basiq, are some of many designer range of tiles that would achieve top notch results. RICE tiles are featured in various projects such as Duo, OUE, The Warehouse and Changi Airport Terminal 4, just to name a few.

Thanks to Hemelia from RICE, Unity ID has a guided tour of their 4 level mock up unit at Henderson RICE showroom. An impressive setup of a hotel suite on the 4th level, which is one of our favourite, features a fully furnished outlook with thoughtful and creative integration of tiles with design that will mesmerised you. As Stephane Mallarme once said, "Dreams have as much influence as actions”, RICE has cleverly demonstrated their taste and use of tiles. Do spend at least an hour listening to the details and origins of each tile that RICE presents to you. The showroom on the 4th level is definitely a true beauty of harmony.

At level 3, RICE tiles are displayed in an orderly manner with state of the art systems to check availability and to view mockup pictures of each tile selected by scanning the QR code on the back of the tile sample. Tiles are sorted according to design and colours with suggestions on how they can be applied to your design. RICE friendly staff are also available to assist in your selection. At level 2, they have a project lab area where you can view and explore ideas and details for other selection of tiles. As you walk down to the Lobby at level 1, even along the staircase there are mockup of tiles for your preview.

Do make an appointment for a guided tour together with your interior designer to view the showroom and impressive tile collections at RICE. They have one of the best and professional people on the ground ever ready to guide and advise on what can be applied into your design. RICE has distinct quality and aesthetic range of tiles where many others don't carry and each collection can be applied to various individual client needs, from conservative to flamboyant tones.

Stay tune for our latest and upcoming project collaboration with RICE!