In every home, personal ideas and dreams are expressed onto an open canvas. At Unity id, we are a strong team of dedicated and trained interior designers set to create these dreams into life. Passionate in what we do with an eye for details, we provide bespoke interior design services and solutions for various projects – residential and commercial.

Unity is recognized by Lookbox Living as one of the Top 40 Design Firms in Singapore, RenoTalk People’s Choice Award, Nippon Paint Designer of Choice and Singapore Brand Award 2014, just to name a few. 

As professional interior designers, we are committed to uphold our responsibilities as master craftsmen, ensuring every detail in our design is created with high quality materials and workmanship. 

Which is why to date, we have managed to build long lasting relationships with many clients whom have completely trusted us with their homes and offices. 

To achieve that, Unity id believes in a synergized approach between designers, clients and reliable contractors. Teamwork is of upmost importance to ensure a smooth process throughout the renovation, which is the core philosophy that brings us together. Unity id consists of a dynamic team of experienced designers, with various talents and from different backgrounds, ready and fully committed to designing a client’s space as if they are designing for their own. By taking pride and heart in each project, Unity id aims to give our best to every client with every means possible.

As great as our name implies, Unity id has a firm belief in melding together all key elements - craftsmanship, reliability, teamwork, commitment and pride, to build that dream space into reality. Embark on this journey with us, with Unity, we promise a hassle free experience and a project well taken care of.


Unity id specialises in residential and commercial projects, with experiences in various design themes and concepts. We are constantly updating ourselves with the latest design trend and technology in building materials as we believe that your home should be built to last.

Our designers are committed to manage your project from start to end and will be fully responsible for every step of the way. Together with our trusted contractors and suppliers whom we have established long term working relationships with, we promise to bring you a hassle free experience and quality workmanship. Unity id services include: