"Architecture Interior is either plagiarism or revolution"
Creative Design Manager
I, KEF, started my career in the fashion & beauty line.

In 2001, I was accorded “The Eagle Eye of Detail” award at London Fashion Week during my stay in U.K.. That award recognized my belief and aptitude in paying attention to detail. To this day. I always stress the importance of material choices. “A good use of material is a good use of opportunity.”

I have come a long way since. There were many opportunities around me during the growing economies, but I had chosen to pursue my biggest passion and dream for the longest time, that is, to become an top Interior Designer.

With my NAFA background in Interior Design where I obtained my professional qualification, I hopped onto the bandwagon of interior fantasy.

My hard work and personal network bore fruits as I managed to build an impressive customer portfolio
which included Nanyang Old Coffee Group, Lens Men Group, Llao Llao, Gan & Beng Pte Ltd, Marine Corp., Hair & Beauty Spa Salon, among others. I also participated actively in local exhibitions events over the years

I am able to apply commercial designs and styles to residential homes too by creating café-like kitchens and hotel-like rooms to build dream homes for homeowners.

My works of design received recognition again as I was named Top Creative Designer by RenoTalk, my company was placed Singapore Top 40 Firms awards by LookBox , we received multiple awards from various brand magazines. These awards and accolades have catapulted me, KEF, a local homegrown kid, to the ranks of top interior designers in the industry.

My team and I strive to create the best concept to design and build your dream home. We add elements of elegance, boldness and purity to your homes, which are the same qualities that my team embodied.

Stay tune people, for more good things to come…