Fion & Kevin
Would like to thank you guys (Kef & Samuel) for making our dream home a reality! Know that I have not been exactly an easy customer, given the many design elements that I was looking for in our new home. Its thanks to your continued patience and ideas that helps fit in everything, striking a fine balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Both of you complement each other really well! Samuel, really appreciate your attention to details and being there to oversee everything gets done properly. Kef, thanks for all the advice that you've given from both a design and practical perspective! Working with the both of you feel really seamless indeed! Despite some hiccups and miscommunication along the way, we are really pleased with the overall level of workmanship and quality of the works, especially the attention to some details which we had overlooked.

Most importantly, thanks for embarking on this journey with us and helping us realize our dream of having a unique and homely place that we can call our own.